Theresa Harding & Zea Rema
Saturday, March 4, 2023

Theresa and her daughter Zea have earned their position in the spotlight because of their story, their drive, and their new book, "Journal of Free Verse Poetry."

These two have a story that I consider a testimony and will let them share it with you when you connect with them. The best part about their life is that their hiSTORY did not affect the story they are writing now.

Despite the challenges they've faced, they have decided to continue to use their creative talents to create a world where their readers can take a journey to find their creative talents and abilities in their own lives.

These ladies are proof to us all that we have everything we need to write our own story as we create the lives we dream of.


This week I challenge you to tap into your creative abilities to create YOUR story just like Theresa & Zea are doing. 

Donise Boyd
Donise Boyd

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