The Digital Creator's Dilemma: Where Should You Focus?

So many digital creator experts encourage you to “just start” and “focus” but what if you don’t know where to focus? In this video you’ll learn how to decide what to focus on throughout your digital creation journey.

Pre D.C. Stage

1 - Education & Personal development (should be continued)
2 - Set up a digital creation filing/planning system
3 - Create a basic, tentative plan (What content you’ll post, when you’ll post it, themes……)
4 - Choose main platform/platforms
5 - Decide on your Personal Brand (what you want to be known for)

Main focus of the pre D.C. stage - Plan. Start somewhere. Focus on the first thing your target audience needs, introduce yourself, your journey, your expertise

Beginning D.C. Stage

1 - Introductory content
2 - Introduce solutions/answers in your content
3 - Engagement/Subscribers/Followers/Leads

Main focus of the Beginning D.C. stage is to produce content.

Mid D.C. Stage

1 - Email/SMS list
2 - Offer (and freebies)
3 - Content marketing
4 - Technology upgrade

Main focus of the Mid D.C. Stage is to add your people to a list and serve them with paid offers

Happily Ever After D.C. Stage

1- Grow your influence
2 - Create more offers (review/update offers)
3 - Update technology for sustained growth

Main focus of the Scale/Boost Your Business

4 Stages Of A Successful Digital Creation Business

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Donise Boyd
Donise Boyd

I hope you enjoyed this post. I share training weekly to give you the latest best tips on how to successfully use digital creation for your business or side hustle. The goal is to help you expand your influence and business online in order to help you life the lifestyle you desire. Please share content ideas that you'd like me to create for you!

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