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Are You Too Old To Be A Digital Creator?

So many people ask me, "Am I too old to be a digital creator?" And the answer is simple - No. Your age has nothing to do with your capabilities or skills. 

It's important to focus on these key factors before deciding to go all in as a digital creator, regardless of your age. 

1. Age is just a number

2. You can teach an old dog new tricks

3. Your past struggles = great solutions for others

4. You are what you think 

5. The choice is yours

In today's video I show you what's important to think about before you decide if becoming a digital creator is the right fit for you.  

And I repeat...............Your age DOES NOT MATTER!

Regardless of your age, skills and talents, all digital creators need a set of affirmations that enhance their confidence in their creative abilities. That's why this week I'm giving you my Top 20 Affirmations for Digital Creators guide.

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My Top 20 Affirmations for Digital Creators

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Donise Boyd
Donise Boyd

I hope you enjoyed this post. I share training weekly to give you the latest best tips on how to successfully use digital creation for your business or side hustle. The goal is to help you expand your influence and business online in order to help you life the lifestyle you desire. Please share content ideas that you'd like me to create for you!

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